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Our treatments have been developed to meet our customers needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require treatments or services not covered on this page. We will be more that happy to help.

dandelions and weedsSeasonal Treatment Programmes

Seasonal Treatment Programmes can start any time of year. We recommend an essential four season treatment plan to ensure the control of weeds and moss and encourage healthy grass growth, above ground and below.

Spring - Application of a balanced fertiliser for growth & colour plus an application of liquid herbicide to control broad leafed weeds.

Summer - Application of an essential feed and nutrients fertiliser for root development plus an application of selective herbicide to control difficult weeds & clover.

Autumn - Application of phosphorous and potassium fertiliser for root development plus an important application of moss control.

Winter - Application of feed and a heavy dosage of moss treatment to reduce and control moss present in your lawn.

As an independant lawn care company we have the benefit of not being tied to certain products and can adjust our treatments dependant on weather conditions or clients requirements.

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rolled turfSpecialist Services

New Lawns - Specialist laying of new lawns turf or seeded and repairs/levelling.

Hard Surface Cleaning - To treat algae, moss & weeds.

Leaf Clearance & Hedge-cutting - Our commercial equipment will make light work of obstacles starving your lawn of important light.

rolled turfLawn Revival Treatments

Additional treatments which can focus on resolving underlying lawn issues affecting lawn health and focus on improving the long term health and appearance of your lawn.

Scarification - Mechanical raking of the lawn to remove excessive thatch & dead moss from the soil surface.

Aeration - Hollow tine aeration pulls plugs from the lawn to relieve compaction improve the flow of air, water and nutrients.

Top Dressing - Spreading a thin layer of sand/loam to improve soil fertility and encourage growth.

Over seeding - Spreading grass seed to increase grass sward and density.

Full renovation - Incorporating all of the revival treatments can be utilised as a cost effective programme to avoid re-turfing whole or parts of your lawn.

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specialist treatmentsSpecialist Treatments

We can identify and treat specific lawn issues should they arise and provide other services to support your garden maintenance.

Pest Control - To control Leather Jackets, Chafer Grub, Ants, Moles & Urine Scorch marks.

Lawn Disease - Treatments for common lawn diseases such as Red Thread, Dry Patch, Slime Mould, Lichen, Fusarium and Fairy Rings.

Wetting Agents & Growth Control - Treatments can be provided alongside seasonal treatment programmes.

To find out more about any of our services or treatments please contact us.
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