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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to start the service?
You can start the service any time of year, there is never a bad time to start treating and improving your lawn.

Do I have to sign a contract and how do I pay?
We provide a no contract service you pay as you go with cash, cheque or bank transfer.

Are the products you use safe for Children Pets and Wildlife?
Yes, none of our weed killers are harmful to either your pets or yourself when applied properly by competent staff. All of our staff are trained and NPTC qualified to use herbicides/pesticides and will provide advice dependent on the treatment.

Will the weed killers that you use, harm my plants or trees?
No, when applied correctly, the weed killer will not affect any plants or trees.

Do I have to be home every time that you call to apply a treatment?
No the majority of our customers are not home when we visit. We carry everything we need to treat you lawn so long as we have access we can complete your treatment. If you want to be home just let us know.

I think that my lawn is beyond repair, what should I do?
You may be surprised that most people think that their lawns are beyond repair. Call us for a free analysis and we can advise you further.
If your question is not answered here please feel free to call or email.

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Basic Lawn Care Tips

Your lawn is a living thing and like all living things can deteriorate as it gets older or if it is not maintained.

  • -  Mow regularly never shorter than 1-1.5 inches never remove more than 1/3 growth
  • -  Change your mowing direction to help keep course grasses under control.
  • -  Remove leaves, worm casts or other debris as soon as it appears otherwise grass can weaken or even die
  • -  Ensure your lawn has enough light cut back overhanging branches/shrubs
  • -  Water your lawn in prolonged period of dry weather
  • -  Stay off your lawn in heavy frosts
  • -  Treat weeds, moss and disease as soon as they appear
  • -  Regularly feed your lawn to ensure it has the right nutrients for healthy growth.
  • -  Rake your lawn to remove excessive thatch in the spring and or autumn
  • -  Aerate your lawn when required to relieve compaction and improve drainage
For a more detailed lawn care tips and support in deploying treatments to improve and maintain a healthy lush lawn contact us today.
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Please feel free to contact us to book a FREE no obligation examination of your lawn and find out what we can offer.

“Well! what a fantastic job Grant and the Lawn Revivial Team have done on our lawn. They have turn it from a drab, tired looking area of weeds to the beautiful, healthy lawn we so wanted. Thoroughly worth the time and money... thanks Guys!”

M. Harding, Tonbridge

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Thanks to the Lawn Revival Team once again we can see our block paved drive which was covered with weeds, moss and general grime for years. Now it looks as good as new!

R. Bartlett, Southborough

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We were considering an expensive re-turf until we found the Lawn Revival Team who advised a series of treatments giving us a new lawn without the big cost of re-turfing. Many thanks.

K. Ryman, Tunbridge Wells

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Thanks again for my beautiful new lawn. Finding a specialist in laying new lawns was harder than I thought, but my faith was restored when we found the Lawn Revival Team. Their advice, preparation, workmanship and aftercare was brilliant.

K. Finch, Maidstone

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